Started to Get in Real Good Shape

I started out on this project over the Winter, because I wanted to avoid getting out of shape like I did last time. It was really nasty and cold last year, so I was stuck in the house for the entire season and I did not do much to get in shape. By the time that Spring rolled around I was probably about 10 or 15 pounds heavier than I needed to be and it took me months to work it off. I have been doing the whole routine this Winter, from organic vitamin supplements and protein shakes to the real burn on the work outs. Of course I cleaned out a space in my spare room and I turned it in to a little gym. It is not that big, but there is enough room for a treadmill and a rowing machine. Continue reading “Started to Get in Real Good Shape”

Going to Get a Pro Workout

I am not sure if this is true or not, but I may have a chance to get a professional contract if things work out for me this summer. I am working out with some other guys in the junior league and we have been going at it really hard. Of course I am not a scorer any more and I have become a much better midfielder than I used to be. This one guy is telling me that you can can buy anabolic steroids in the UK and I think that he actually believes that he can do this without getting caught. I know that it is a big waste of time to try to get in the league like that. They are going to make you pee in a cup ten seconds after they ask you if you want to sign up. Of course if you come back positive it queers the whole thing up and you are probably marked for life. Continue reading “Going to Get a Pro Workout”