Trying to Get in Better Shape This Year

I want to try to stay in better shape this Winter than I did last year. Of course the last Winter was pretty bad. It was cold all Winter long and there was always a lot of snow on the ground or ice as well. It is hard to get out and do stuff while it is like that and I gained about fifteen or so pounds over the last Winter. I have started to watch my diet and I have been taking some supplement like Conenzyme q10, That is the Premium CoQ10 High Absorbing Coenzyme Q10 200mg which is supposed to help you with your heart and the reason I took it is because I had been having trouble with my ankles. It is supposed to be an anti inflammatory, which is what I think that I need to keep my ankles from swelling up on me like they had been when I was working out.

I got a membership at this gym which is about three blocks away from the office. Instead of getting dressed at home I grab a break fast bar and go to the gym. I work out until it is time for me to get ready. Then I take a shower and get dressed. In fact the place I park is a garage about half of the way between the gym and the office. So I can repeat the process after I get out of the office. I am thinking about what makes sense, because there is a limit to how much you can work out. You are going to break down if you keep working out without giving your self any time to recover. So it is probably best if you work out different parts of the body on every other day of the week.