Empowerment or powerlessness! A 12 step Disaster

Well, first let’s take a look at what I like to call the addiction equation. In my opinion, the catalyst of addiction is the emotional trauma caused by family dysfunction. The reason one chooses to partake in habitual behavior is relative to masking that emotional pain. Finally, the type of addiction that is chosen is based on social structure and exposure to various substances or compulsions. The constant which completes the addiction process is the level of coping skills possessed. Therefore, it would only stand to reason that the key to abstinence would be a higher level of coping skills. But, what exactly does it mean to possess a higher level of coping skills?

Well, to increase your level of coping skills requires increasing self-esteem. Holding ones self in high regard renders addictive behavior repulsive. But, how do you increase your self-esteem?

First and foremost, you must learn to forgive yourself. Most people suffering from addiction find it very difficult to forgive themselves since they bare a burden of shame and guilt, not only for their behavior, but also for the pain they have caused others. However, you can forgive yourself, and you can learn to love yourself by curing “wounditis.” You have a choice! You can either continue to feel victimized and wallow in your own misfortune, or you can take a stand and refuse to self-incriminate yourself. You see, you have the same power as everyone else! You are no different! We are all but a grain of sand in the desert of humanity. We are all the same and we are all connected.

The majority of all treatment programs offer a group recovery approach as the primary or as a secondary component of their treatment modality. Unfortunately, these groups are counterproductive and leave the individual at risk for continued relapse.

Recovery groups place a great deal of emphasis on spirituality, powerlessness, and the emergence of a person’s sense of soul. They claim many of the steps of the twelve-step program to be paradoxical. Concluding that you are powerless over addiction, but like magic, you some how become more powerful! The goal of the program is a spiritual awakening although most people find it difficult to make this connection because they feel victimized by someone else’s behavior. My experience teaches me to conclude that admitting you are powerless does not promote empowerment and nor does it restore self-esteem! In my opinion, many of the twelve steps are unnecessary, and they are actually counterproductive to making a spiritual connection, increasing self-esteem, and achieving addiction recovery.

My 5 Steps to Addiction Freedom program streamlines the recovery process by achieving it in five steps. Unlike the twelve-step philosophy, it defines the core issue, and it shows how to overcome it. It eliminates the counterproductive and self-incriminating steps of the failed twelve-step philosophy and replaces them with steps that restore self-esteem, a vital and necessary component to abstinence since addiction is plainly a self-esteem issue!

In conclusion, you do have the power to increase your self-esteem! But, self-esteem is not a commodity that you purchase, or a fruit that is plucked from a tree. Possessing self-esteem and merit for ones self is a product of self-love. To love your self you must first forgive yourself, and second, you must embark on an inward journey to awaken your true authentic self and your own personal power. This is not only the key to abstinence, but it’s also a bullet proof self-esteem shield that renders the guns of addiction harmless!

Best wishes,

The Addiction Freedom Coach

What is an E-Cigarette?

It was in 2004 when electronic or e-cigarettes became known in Asia and Europe. It became available in the U.S. market and accepted by smokers in 2009. This was created by an inventor based in Beijing named Hon Lik. It does not produce smoke as it has no tobacco.

The purpose of e-cigarettes is to provide a safer option to smokers who use traditional tobacco cigarettes. It can be used anywhere because of the absence of smoke.
They have less carcinogens and chemicals and do not encourage secondhand smoke.

This type of cigarette is powered by a battery. This battery is responsible for heating the filter that has nicotine thus the smoker is able to inhale a vapor. Although it can be inhaled, it does not have the chemicals in tobacco that are harmful to the health. There are many flavors to choose from to fill the filter such as original tobacco, mint, wild cherry and vanilla.

There are different types of electronic cigarette. There are those that can be plugged to a USB port of a computer for charging while there are those that have separate chargers. This is now manufactured by various companies.

E-cigarettes have many benefits. One of them is the absence of carcinogens and chemicals that tobaccos have which cause cancer and other health risks. It does not produce odor that can linger in the mouth the way tobacco does. It does not stain teeth as well. Because they can be smoked anywhere, people will not have to worry about smoking in “no smoking” areas.

This type of cigarette also has benefits for those passive smokers. The smoke coming out from this type of cigarette is just a vapor that vanishes immediately into the air thus does not leave any harmful substances and odor. The problem with traditional cigarettes is that the smoke they produce can be inhaled by people around the smoker. This is passive smoking which harms the health of these people even if they do not smoke. With electronic signature, one will not fret about the health of those surrounding him.

This cigarette is also safe to use and keep. It does not need to be burned nor does it leave ashes behind. It does not have real flames but a red light turns on when the smoker puffs. Fires and burns can then be avoided.

E-cigarettes are cheaper than their traditional counterparts because one spends a one time fee for it. Traditional cigarettes will make a smoker spend money everyday to get a stick. In addition, electronic cigarettes do not have tax applied to them. The smoker does not have to buy matches, lighters and lighter fluids because they are not needed by electronic cigarettes. All they need to spend on is the replacement of the cartridge. The cartridge has e-liquid that determines its nicotine content inside. The package would state how much nicotine is contained using numbers. No nicotine is indicated by the number 0, low nicotine by 6mg, medium by 11mg, high by 16mg and extra high for 20mg.

One who cannot stop the habit of smoking but would like to have a healthier life should go for e-cigarettes.

You and your body deserve better. Why you need to quit smoking.

Me and My Cigarette.

The dinner host shouts a mild curse from the kitchen as she berates the oven to stop smoking, the potatoes a little over done. Conversation is polite. The guests seated are middle age. They have good jobs, look after their families and respected in their communities. A couple outside are smoking cigarettes, they are asked to stop and come inside to eat. There is light laughter, friendly conversation, and the host has just placed upon the table a roast chicken, vegetables, and a warm loaf of bread. The smoking has stopped from the kitchen.

Dinner is eaten. The food is good. Desert is served. Ice cream, fruit, and then a cheese board. With evening near complete, stomachs full, a man dressed in a shirt, white collar, tie, and wearing glasses, the professor type, pulls out a large clear plastic bag, places it around his mouth and nose, and inhales deeply. He smiles, “nothing better to finish off the evening than to sniff down some glue.” The fumes waft up and into his head, giving him a pleasant high. A deep smile of satisfaction crosses his face as the fumes enter his blood stream pass the blood brain barrier and acts upon his nervous system. He offers the bag to another around the table. She too, sophisticated, wealthy and smart, brushes her long hair aside, wraps the bag around her face, and inhales deeply. The chemicals interact with her brain, destroying a few brain cells here and there. But she feels uplifted. “A good meal and good glue fumes. What a great night,” she smiles.

Doesn’t quite make sense does it? Smart, intelligent, people, having a great evening and then inhaling glue. Crazy really. Real life isn’t like that. Is it?

There are many ways people abuse substances in this world. There is the glue sniffer, the petrol sniffer and there is the person who inhales insecticide. There is little difference between these people, except one persons habit is sanctioned by society, and the other two are not. If you come across a glue sniffer on the street, or perhaps view one on T.V it is normal to look at such a person with scorn. Wasting their life, addicted to substance abuse and slowly killing themselves by inhaling noxious fumes. And yet we look at people who smoke insecticide and don’t give them a second thought. Because Nicotine is an insecticide which is the main addictive chemical in cigarettes. People who smoke cigarettes are people who get off on inhaling nicotine. One group of people inhales, glue fumes, the other insecticide. Glue fumes are a toxic deadly poison. Nicotine is a toxic, deadly poison. Two drops of pure nicotine, injected into a fully grown male will kill him. People who smoke cigarettes are slowly but surely committing suicide over an extended period of time, but somehow society has been conned into believing that smoking is different to sniffing glue, inhaling petrol fumes and all those other substance abuses.

Luckily society has begun to realize the dangers of smoking. There are warnings on packets, and advertising is restricted in many countries. However the message still hasn’t got through to everyone. So if you’re a smoker, or know someone who smokes, or you are young, thought about smoking and have just taken your first few puffs, or perhaps you think it’s time to quit smoking and you just need a little incentive to make the final decision, take the time now to really get an understanding of what a smoker is inhaling when they put a cigarette to their lips.

Apart from the nicotine, and the carbon dioxide gas that is inhaled (which are bad enough by themselves), cigarettes contain approximately 4000 other chemicals. Of those chemicals 600 are considered poisonous and 64 carcinogenic (Carcinogenic means they contribute to the likelihood of developing cancer). Commonly found poisons found in cigarettes are arsenic, which is also used as an insecticide. Cyanide which is used for fumigating cargo containers, Ammonia which is used in Disinfectants to clean bathrooms, showers and toilets. Cadmium which is found in metal batteries. Acetone which is used to remove nail varnish from finger nails. Benzene which is a chemical industrial solvent. Formaldehyde which is highly poisonous and is used to preserve corpses and Hydrocyanic acid which was used as a gas to execute murders. That’s right used to kill murderers. But smokers aren’t murders, and they are not sentenced to death and yet they have imposed a death sentence upon themselves. Crazy you say. Yes. Yes it is.

Now if you are a smoker, or you know some who smokes, it’s time for a wakeup call. Smokers are substance abuser. Smokers might not like to think of themselves in that way, it might make smokers feel anxious, angry or attempt to deny the fact, however smokers get off on inhaling insecticide and industrial chemicals. So if you are a smoker the next time you reach for a cigarette just tell yourself that. “I’m about to inhale some insecticide to make myself feel better.” And then ask yourself, does that really make sense.

Forget about terrorists, shark attacks, and lightning strikes. If you smoke, or you know of a smoker, it is likely smoking will kill them or at least contribute to their demise. If a person smokes a pack a day it’ll take about ten years off their life span. And those last few years are probably going to be nasty ones too. Cancer is always a bad one. Cancer of the bladder, cancer of the lungs, cancer of the throat and cancer of the stomach. Cancer; always a horrible death. Then there is Emphysema, which is like a slow suffocation. It’s like you are being slowly strangled to death over a few years. Gasping and gagging with every exhale. Horrid. Then Blindness is common. From cataracts, to fungal infections and complete loss of sight. Gangrene, of course is another one you really don’t want. The tar from cigarettes constricts in the arteries stopping the blood supply. Legs feet are common limbs that are chopped off. All pretty nasty stuff.

Now if they are really, really lucky, cigarettes might might not kill the smoker. But all those chemicals are still having an effect on the body. For a women, their fertility drops by approximately 30%, menopause comes on quicker, (by nearly two years) and fat distribution changes. Fat on a women begins to be stored in and around the tummy, like a male beer belly. For a man, he is no better off , not only is it common to get erectile dysfunction, embarrassing enough, but his sperm production goes a little askew and his sperm come out all wrong, weird shapes, three tails, that kind of thing. All of this because intelligent people insist on sucking down insecticide fumes.

So if you are a smoker, or if you know a smoker. Maybe it’s time to quit smoking. Maybe you aren’t the type of person who thought of themselves as the suicide type. Or perhaps the type of person who is a substances abuser, getting their daily fix off insecticide. There are many ways to quit smoking, going cold turkey, nicotine patches, and of course hypnosis. Whatever way you decide to quit smoking, make the decision to go out and do it, because you and your body deserve to be treated better.

Does Solution Focused Hypnotherapy ViaSkype Work?

According to some research most of the common illnesses are stress related .However often people do not seem to see seem to notice the symptoms of stress related problems.
Some of the symptoms could be :
• Do you often feel out of place in large crowds?
• Do you clam up and become nervous when in social situations?
• Do have difficulties falling asleep ?
• Wake up during the night ?
• Wake up to early in the morning ?
• Do you feel irritable?
• Are you gaining weight ?
• Inability to cope with stress ?

If so then you are most likely looking to seek relief. Based on the type of anxiety that you suffer from your entire life could be turned upside down. Your work effort could decrease and you could be prevented from living your life to the fullest. Additionally, if you don’t get control of your anxiety based issues they could consume you to such a degree that you could begin to function improperly in the way that you interact with others around you.

Stress is another major problem that many people face. In fact many people experience stress in such high levels that they have problems dealing with life in general. Their stress also generally leads to depression. It should also be noted that stress is considered to be one of the leading causes of heart attacks. If a person experiences a high level of stress on a day to day basis it can cause their blood pressure to increase and can cause their heart to become stressed. This is not good news if you want to live a healthy life and don’t want your time cut short due to simple stress.

Whether you are seeking out assistance and recovery options for stress related problems, the best place to start is online. More and more consumers have found that it is easier to find treatment options when looking online. That is because the internet collects all information in one place and allows consumers to seek out the information they want to acquire day and night.

Additionally, you can research every treatment method available and can compare them one to another until you find the one that is best for you and that will of course fall within your budget.

To overcome stress and anxiety most people assume that they will need to visit their personal doctor in order to acquire medication. However, most doctor’s that believe that their patients are suffering from anxiety or stress will do their best to help you and normally only will be able to put you on medication. In recent years Gp’s have suggested to their patients to seek additional help from Hypnotherapists.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy via Skype is one such option that you can consider that has been proven effective for people suffering from uncontrollable stress, anxiety, and even for people that want to stop smoking.

If you are interested in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy via Skype to help you stop smoking or to overcome any issue detailed above, then you should carefully consider which companies offer these services and how they have been rated by their clients. Take your time during this part of the research process so that you can be certain to acquire the services of the best provider out there.

Are you interested in Hypnotherapy? Way of Joy works with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which is much more than just hypnosis. It is a powerful combination of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) techniques and hypnosis. SFBT is a modern form of psychotherapy that encourages clients to work towards their preferred future, focusing on how they want things to be. Unlike some forms of psychotherapy it does not involve analysing the past or examining problems; instead it helps clients visualise and achieve a more enjoyable and fulfilled future. Do you want to know more ? Book your free initial consultation with a free mp3 now via www.wayofjoy.co.uk . Also able to offer the service for your convenience via skype from anywhere on this planet .