Addiction Recovery and Religion – Help or Hindrance?

In the past several years the program has suffered a great deal of scrutiny in regards to its religious formatting, and even though it has desperately attempted to escape this labeling, for all intent and purposes that’s what it is! However, the religious aspect is not what makes successful, and in fact I believe it to be a detriment to the program. So, what has made this program more successful than most of the other treatment options? I believe that the success of this program is largely due to the spiritual aspect. In many regards the choice of addictive behavior is a falling from spirit, in the sense that addictive behavior is of a self centered, self serving attitude, whereas spirituality encourages a sense of connectedness and being of service to others. Most individuals that have chosen to partake in addictive behavior do so at the expense of others, and they do it with one thing and only one thing in mind; the need to mask the pain of their emotional issues. Making a connection with spirit allows the addicted person to view things in a greater perspective and allows them to understand that one person’s actions affect the many. Therefore, I do view spirituality as being an important component to recovery, but spirituality is very difficult to pursue if you have not uncovered and confronted the root cause of the addiction.
The practice of spirituality encompasses a great deal of self reflection and mindfulness, which ultimately leads to a more symbolic view of the world as a whole. Remember, the individual suffering from addiction only views one world, their own! When it comes to approaching spirituality from the perspective of prayer, consider the fact that traditional prayer will not accomplish this goal. Going through the motions of reciting traditional prayer without changing your deeply engrained, self- limiting, subconscious beliefs will result in failure. What is engrained in your subconscious mind is much more powerful than the words you speak! In order to gain the understanding of the world as a whole, you must achieve self reflection and inner peace by quieting the mind.

So, where does religion fit in to the recovery picture? Well, in my view it doesn’t! That’s right, it doesn’t. Not only does it not fit in but, I view it to be a detriment to full recovery! So, let’s examine what the actually true intent and purpose of religion is, and how it stacks up against the probable outcome of pursuing the incorrect or misguided practice of it. The word religion is derived from the Latin word Religare, which means to restrain or bind. So, is the main function to restrain individuals from personal self reflection and bind them to a religious doctrine, or is it a methodology of teaching a personal connection to God? I believe that the main objective of any religion should be to assist people in making a personal connection to the divine or higher power. Unfortunately, that is not always what occurs one hundred percent of the time!

There are nineteen major religions in the world, of which Christianity is the largest with over 2 billion followers. Islamic religion follows with 1.2 billion and Hinduism respectively with 828 million. There is no doubt that religion plays a major role in most of our lives. Unfortunately, some religious doctrines rise to a level of supreme empirical restraint, which over shadows the true divine purpose and leads many down a misguided path? The importance of a binding doctrine and specific practices should be secondary to ones spiritual relationship with the divine. Therefore, the type of religion that you choose and its popularity is of very little importance, as long as you understand the true purpose.

Does spirituality differ from religion, and can a person be religious as well as spiritual? Yes of course. However, one can remain bound to a religious doctrine without a spiritual connection to the divine. For all intent and purposes this is what must be avoided when delving into the recovery of self destructive habitual behavior. One of the key components to addiction freedom is self refection and the development of a connection to a higher consciousness and your true self. Serving a religious doctrine without the true spiritual element and making that connection will lead to the addicted person trading one vehicle to mask the pain for another. The outward practice of certain ideals or activities does not correspond to inner righteousness! When a person hides behind the outward practice of religious doctrines they tend to live a falsehood, not living in true spirit, failing to own up to the root cause of their addiction, and their true life purpose. Therefore, I believe that religion should not enter into the addiction equation and in many cases actually prevents the individual from addressing the root cause properly.

Remember, this is about spiritual self-reflection and making contact with that higher consciousness, and it is not about being restrained by a religious doctrine, or trading one compulsive behavior for another. If you are currently practicing a particular faith, I would highly recommend that you make every attempt to separate it from the spiritual aspect and addiction recovery. My purpose is not to undermine the benefits of religious practice. In fact I believe that religion serves a tremendous purpose in our society when practiced in a spiritual sense. However, mixing it with addiction recovery can be a disastrous recipe for chronic relapse!

Best wishes,

David Roppo
The Addiction Freedom Coach

Addiction Recovery – Cognitive Psycho-Hypocrisy

(CBT) is based on the assumption that most emotional and behavioral reactions are learned. Therefore, the goal of therapy is to help clients unlearn their unwanted reactions and to learn a new way of reacting. Many of the CBT principles adopt stoicism: the emotional indifference, especially admirable patience and endurance shown in the face of adversity. The therapist’s goal is to conduct treatment sessions in a way that promotes the persons self-esteem, dignity, and self-worth while teaching him or her to unlearn problematic behavior and replace it with more helpful behavior.
No one would dispute the fact that addictive behavior is problematic; however, unlearning it is an impossible task since addiction is not a learned response! My experience has taught me that the root cause of addiction is the emotional trauma caused by family dysfunction. This emotional trauma directly relates to the addicted persons self-esteem, and for all intent and purposes can be defined as a self-esteem issue. Self-esteem is defined as having self-respect and confidence in your own merit as an individual person. So, how does one obtain a greater sense of self worth or a high level of self-esteem? Is it a commodity that can be purchased, a fruit that can be plucked from a tree, or a behavior that can be learned? Well, the proponents of (CBT) would have you believe that it can be learned, but I beg to differ with that hypothesis. Self-esteem can not be learned, purchased, or discovered through external modification or stimuli. You see, possessing confidence and merit as a person is a product of self-love, and that comes from within. However, self-respect and self-love must be propagated by the fuel of liberation! Liberation is defined as achieving freedom from traditional socially imposed constraints. In regard to addiction, these socially imposed constraints are directly related to family dysfunction. Ironically, (CBT) principles are based on stoicism which promotes the passive approach of patience and endurance in the face of adversity. In my opinion, this approach is not only fundamentally amiss but is also dangerous, and the very reason why many develop an addiction to anti depressants! How can the addicted person gain his or her self-respect by taking a stoic and passive approach by disconnecting from the dysfunctional patterns that caused the addiction in the first place?

Addiction counselors who employ (CBT) generally combine it with the support of a 12-step group program. This is not only counterproductive, but it also exacerbates the before-mentioned misguided stoic approach. The (CBT) model also outlines depression as a fundamental of psychological dysfunction, whereby describing it as hopelessness and a feeling of being powerless to change a situation. Ironically, the 12-step program promotes self-incrimination and powerlessness. Bombarding group members with shame and guilt, this program instills the inferior beliefs of personal shortcomings and defects of character. In my opinion, this is not only counterproductive, but it is also dangerous.

In summary, the primary purpose of (CBT) is to teach addicted people to modify their problematic behavior by unlearning and replacing it more helpful behavior, which is supposed to lead to an increase in self-esteem. But, taking a stoic approach to a problem that requires liberation and empowerment is absolutely absurd and hypocritical as well. The very concept of (CBT) undermines and contradicts the psychotherapy community’s basic understanding of self-esteem. I wonder if the proponents of (CBT) deal with their own emotional issues by taking a stoic approach and sweeping them under the rug! Last time I checked, disconnecting from a problem, ignoring it, and sweeping it under the rug does not liberate you from it and nor does it promote self-respect! The pile under the rug keeps growing until one falls flat on their face!!


The Addiction Freedom Coach

Quit smoking with use of a vaporizor

Vaporizor offer an alternative to inhaling noxious smoke from herbs or tobacco, you can extract the essential ingredients without emitting harmful smoke. Premium vaporizor is also available in the market, using which tar along with carbon monoxide and carcinogens present in smoke can be easily eliminated and prevent damage to lungs.

Complete range of vaporizors is available in the market:

–vapir one 5.0 is available at price of 149$.
–volcano vaporizor costs around 539$.
–vapor cannon vaporizor is of about 159$.
–hotbox vaporizor costs around 149$.

Vaporizor can be predicted as a perfect solution to quit smoking. It still consists of all the active chemical ingredients out of herbs but without the harmful smoke. It is a simple machine, suitable for home use at different geographical location.

All you have to do is to just chop your herb or tobacco. Then place them onto the thermo engineered bowl, where it will be gently heated until the resins inside the herbs actually get hot enough to get vaporized. The small resins of plants actually consist of chemicals within it which vaporize out into a thin mist which is meant to be inhaled.

Thin mist of vapor is gathered inside a clear glass dome and is ready to be inhaled through the long tube according to its need. Once the herbs are being fully vaporized, we will be left with the brown remains of the plant material with all the good content vaporized out.

It takes about 6 minutes to reach a desired vaporization temperature to begin the process of inhaling. We must start inhaling the content as soon as the herb starts to vaporize, in order to avoid vapor to condense on the top of the globe. The highest temperature of vaporizor is approximately around 200 degree Celsius.

It is very important to leave the vaporizor at on status without any herbs in it, when using it for the first time. In order to void grime get dispersed into the air, clear glass dome must not be inserted before this. Vapors emitted from it must not be inhaled as they are simply grime generated during the manufacturing process. Once completed with use wipe off the residue with cloth.

Do not touch the heating elements as it gets extremely hot.

You can switch on the vaporizor by turning its black knob in clockwise direction. You will feel a small click when a vaporizor is turned on. At the top of the yellow shaft, under the rubber mould. A red light will appear. Turn the knob in clockwise direction s far as you can move it. Extreme point will be the point with highest temperature of about 300 degree Celsius, and to decrease the temperature turn it in anticlockwise direction. And turn it in the anticlockwise direction to reduce the temperature, minimum temperature for a vaporizor before the off position is generally 110 degree Celsius. Turn it in anti clockwise direction extreme then the red light will turn off. As you turn the vaporizor from minimum to maximum you will see the red light on the vaporizor become brighter.

In order to get most out of your herbs cut your herb up so it is quite fine. Place the herbs evenly over the hot plate. Set your vaporizor to the desired temperature. When a certain fine mist appears at the top of the clear glass dome, its time to start inhaling.

Choose the Right Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Right Way

Precisely, rehabilitation is the course of convalescing those strengths that have been waned due to reasons of ailment or injury. Alcohol or drug addiction, being some of the greatest social banes, is always in need of utmost attention towards the process of rehabilitation. In this light, it is essential that you opt for the right kind of residential drug and alcohol rehab center, in keeping with the suitability of your personal medical case.

Rate of Success:

The first thing that you would need to know in your search for the right alcohol and drug rehab is its success rate. Looking into the past records by communicating with the patients and their families who have had gone through the alcohol or drug treatment at this drug rehab you can assess how often has the faculty been able to convert addicts to normal, healthy humans. First-hand testimonials work best here.

Rehab Methods

It is important to be well aware of the kind of methods the particular alcohol rehab is resorting to while imparting a drug or alcohol treatment program. Make sure that they are attending to all the aspects of your addiction problem, which includes the reasons behind the adoption of such drastic step as addiction. You need to know whether they are providing practical lessons while treating not merely the psychological facets, but the physiological and mental areas of addiction as well.

Rehab Services

Clearly verify if the residential alcohol and drug rehab center will be assisting you in legal issues, interventions, and other matters you through your drug treatment program smoothly. Precisely, how far are they open to help you recover even with issues that are out of the way.

Rehab Staff

You require to know well what kind of staff members does your rehab center provide. The doctors, counselors, medical therapists need to have substantial experience and competence. Make certain that the medical staff here are thoroughly dedicated and well qualified.

After Care Program

The achievement of relapse prevention is the main proof of successful rehabilitation. The addiction recovery is expected to sustain only if the patient really succeeds in total drug or alcohol abstinence. You will require to verify if the rehab is offering a thorough after care program to guarantee a long lasting drug or alcohol treatment for future.


The rehab center essentially should be located at a convenient distance for you to be able to access it as and when required. Also, the environment of the rehab is an important factor to be looked into. It needs to give a homely and serene atmosphere to allow the inmates accept it as a pleasant home.

Treatment Duration

One matter that needs attention while choosing the right residential rehab center is the treatment duration that they are offering. Generally the rehab program with a longer span is more reliable assuring a steadier and surer recovery. You need to take your pick as per your suitability.

Treatment Cost

The cost factor in any type of medical treatment holds vital importance. Make sure you are not made to shell out more than you ought to. Go for the most fitting drug rehab center that charges reasonably mainly for the treatment itself and not for unwanted accessories. After all, your money is precious.

Keeping these factors in mind, it is far more convenient to decide on the type of residential dug/alcohol rehab center for you or your loved one.