Central Aspects In Vapor Couture – Basic Questions

First Haute couture Electronic Cig Designed for Women – Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture, from V2 Cigs, is a high-fashion electronic cig made just for women. Roughly 65 percent of electronic cigarette users are female. This makes sense, taking into consideration the many benefits over typical cigs. The days of hacking up a lung are long gone as are the stinky clothes, stained skin and yellow teeth!

Females comprehend this. From the time e-smoking was first introduced, girls have actually been much quicker to put down their pack of cigarettes and try an e-cig than their male equivalents. To honor these women and their good and healthy and balanced selection, a revised e-cigarette will definitely be introduced in July 2012. “Vapor Couture” is the brand-new item from leading e-cigarette maker V2 Cigs. It is being tailored entirely towards women and is getting some significant buzz within the e-cig community.

The enjoyment with Vapor Couture. Before getting into the details of Vapor Couture, lets take a peep into the new excitement around it. There is consistently a wave of exhilaration among the e-cig community and e-cig blog writers with a renown business like V2 releasing a brand-new product that, none has ever before seen it in the past. Vapor Couture is a new segment of e-cigarettes that targets ladies.

If you observe the present commodity market, many electronic cigarettes look the same when compared with the others. This leaves for considerable room for enhancement in style and personalization, which is exactly what V2 Cigs is planning to achieve with Vapor Couture. This line of e-cigarettes by V2 will provide the high quality e-cigarettes a new sleek improved feel. The following with far better show how V2 is organizing to achieve this.

The Groundbreaking Vapor Couture Look. The most vital aspect of the Vapor Couture line’s design is the slim design. The diameter of these e-cigarettes is a miniature 7.9 mm. This is much slimmer than basically every other electronic cig on the marketplace. However it isn’t really just your basic e-cig made slimmer, the battery is extended out to produce a beautiful, elegant look. Envision how refined ladies look in those old images where they are daintily holding a tobacco cig in a classy long cig owner – the traditional “ladies smoking” picture.

The v21st century model of the cigarette is the Vapor Couture e-cigarette. Today, it is far more okay and even thought of sexier for a woman to be holding a stylish e-cig instead of a normal cigarette that smells, creates your lungs to be influenced and your teeth to come to be yellow to state the least. With the arrival of the sleek Vapor Couture e-cigarette, women are now delighted to be having a healthier and sexier choice instead of smoking a normal cigarette that spoils the wellness and also atmosphere.

A Colour for each Wardrobe – Not just are Vapor Couture products slimmer than any other e-cigarette, they additionally offer 4 stunning colors. With the possibility to choose between black, chrome, brown and diamond-studded, the e-smoking experience has actually merely gotten a lot more multicolored. Gone are the days of the uninteresting old white electronic cigs, Vapor Couture tosses a palette of colour into a typically bland e-cig color choice. No matter what clothing you’re planning to wear, Vapor Couture has an e-cigarette color scheme that will match it. When you combine the slimness of the e-cig with any of these color schemes, it results in a truly sophisticated electronic cigarette that many women will definitely enjoy to use and flaunt.

Cute Bejeweled Bottom – The sleekness and the options with colour makes it look hot and the V2 Cigs made it also look hotter with the fabulous diamond LED tip. The wave of pleasure among the individuals on the release of Vapor Couture is brought about by the bejeweled bottom. The normal electronic cigarettes on inhaling is illuminated to a dull orange, however the buzzing revised LED techniques are illuminated in bright fancy color schemes when puffed on.

One of the significant difficulties in marketing electronic cigarettes is that while clients choose matching shades for the flavor cartridge and electronic battery, most E-cigarette makers do not comply with this. When your order arrives, often you will definitely identify battery in a different color and the flavor container either black or white mismatching with the battery. V2Cigs is careful in meeting this stipulation and guarantees that their reputed vapor Couture line of E-cigs. When order is put you can choose the favored battery color and the cartridge colour is instantly matched with that of your battery. Thus there is no scope for any type of mismatched set of battery and cartridge when you order from V2 Cigs, that take pride in their heritage of supplying a streamlined and wonderfully matched E-cig, to total admiration by your peer group.

To get to the features of Vapor Couture that are more than the look and feel of the e cigs, we need to discuss flavor containers and accessories. There is a whole brand-new line of tastes to go with the new cigs from V2. There are also many beautiful accessories to go with them and to go with the design of the fashionista who utilizes them.

Vapo Couture now has taste containers! V2 Cigs has created even more tastes to guarantee women an extraordinary alternative to all of the additional e-cigarettes out there by developing 5 even more tastes for it! The five flavors are the rich Bombshell, the moderate Rodeo Drive, the winter-fresh Arctic Mint, and 2 fruit flavors: Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne. These tastes are incredibly tasty, especially the fruit tastes! V2’s tobacco tastes are both tasty and what you’ve pertained to expect, and the cartridges can be found in shades that match your battery!

The Vapor Couture accessories preview: getting some really good accessories to choose electronic cigarettes for some nice treats for females. Based on the pictures released up until now it looks like there will definitely be a black clutch design carrying case that matches preferred bag fashions, which you can easily utilize to hold your e-cig and bring a womanly touch. When the Vapor Couture goes public on July 1 2012 there should be more accessories released too; bookmark the site for even more news on Vapor Couture and discount coupons to find some fantastic rebates!

This item stems from V2 Cigs, and of course, we have actually currently looked at V2 Cig’s Vapor Couture design, which is absolutely great. Now let’s take a look at the performance and modern technology behind this stunning and impressive item. There are no worries about V2 Cigs Couture’s performance since it’s most definitely the very best thing V2 Cigs has come out with to date. V2 Cigs outperform all others in every way from vapor manufacturing to look due to the fact that they are simply the best thing going. There’s no question about that. Vapor Couture continues this heritage, and that’s what makes it an exciting and excitedly awaited addition to the e cig globe.

How to Get Rid of Drug Problem

Living with a drug addict is never easy. You may have a loved one who has lost his of her job, family and friends because of a drug problem. While professional help is integral in treating his or her addiction, your role as either a family member, friend or lover is just as important as you will have to provide guidance and support.
What’s the Problem?

Your loved one may have a drug problem is he or she:

* uses drugs regularly
* only attends parties if drugs are offered or allowed
* displays personality changes
* misses time from work
* has relationship and money problems
* often gets in trouble with the law
* avoids friends and family
* lies about using drugs
* increases high-risk activities like unprotected sex and sharing needles

He or she may also be suicidal, depressed or hopeless. Ultimately, this person often breaks his or her promises and commitments.
Dealing with the D

No Enabling – Make sure that you don’t transform into an “enabler”. What is an enabler? You instantly become an enabler when you unintentionally allow a drug addict to keep on leading a dishonest, unproductive and irresponsible life. The root of being an enabler is usually concern, generosity and love. You think you are helping the person, but you are just tolerating the problem.

You may become an enabler by covering up and hiding the problem from the rest of the world. If, for instance, your brother is an addict and is too high on drugs to make a decent call to the office for being absent, do not offer to do it for him. You become an enabler by lying on his behalf.

Do not fill in for what he can no longer do, like handling chores or paying the bills. Helping, in this case, will not help him at all. Filling in is giving the offender a problem to use whatever space or time there is left for him. Giving money is yet another way to enable him to buy more drugs. Your brother may tell you that he needs it for something important and convince you that he is not going to use it for drugs. Do not believe what he says.

Tough Love – Tough love is showing love and concern in a different way. With tough love, clear rules are set and explained. You also set clear consequences along the way. If your brother breaks a rule, you should follow the consequences set even if these seem too harsh. He needs to learn his lesson the hard way.

The Guidelines – Living with a drug addict requires you to institute rules to make sure that your home is a safe place to live. It is painful and hard to imagine that someone you love, like your brother, is turning violent or is stealing money just to buy drugs, but you have the drugs to blame for his character.
The Rules

Enforce the house rules you have initially set. You can set a family meeting to let everyone know about the consequences of breaking the rules. Here are some suggestions for house rules:

* Do not keep large amounts of cash in the house. Avoid keeping valuables on display. Put all these in a safe place and lock them away.
* Make sure that only the people who don’t do drugs have keys. If you suspect that other people have keys, change your locks.
* Avoid keeping weapons, like guns, in your home. Tools like scissors and kitchen knives should be out of the offender’s reach.
* It is best to keep the phone behind a locked door. If you can’t afford the service, ask about low-cost phone services. Your local telephone company will do something about it because it is required by law.
* Anyone who is high on drugs should never be allowed to visit your home.
* Weapons are not allowed inside the house.
* Illegal drugs cannot be tolerated inside the house.
* Methadone or alcohol and other legal drugs should be kept out of children’s reach.
* Violence and threats should never be tolerated inside the house.
* Asking for money is a big no-no. Everyone should refuse to anyone who requests it.
* Before visitors come over to your house, they need to make a call and let you know about it. If you think they are overstaying, ask them to leave in a polite way.

Broken Rules

* Be firm about everything you say and with the way you say it, but make sure that you are still caring and calm.
* You may feel too angry about a broken rule, but try your best to avoid criticizing or shouting. Your anger will only make the already unlikable situation a dangerous one.
* Follow the guidelines all the times. Do not take justifications as excuses for breaking rules.
* If necessary, call the police. The offender can be escorted safely away by the police without them making an arrest.
* Skip the warning if violence is threatened. Just use the phone and contact the police as soon as possible.
* Following the event, get the support and help you need for others and for yourself, like talking to a family member or a close friend, counseling session or support group. Support is important in working out your feelings and in deciding what you can do to make the condition better.

Keep encouraging your loved one to stay away from drugs and accept treatment. Never give up on on him or her because your actions and concern will certainly go a long way.

Help with Addiction – 12 Steps to Nowhere!

Now, let me ask you a question; how did it make you feel to say that? Well, I can tell you that it made me feel inadequate, guilt ridden and shameful, and I have never even had an addiction!!!! However, if you choose to participate in this program you may as well get use to it, because you will be asked to repeat this statement multiple times at each and every meeting!!! You see, I have personally attended and participated in 12 step meetings and I found it to be one of the most disempowering things I have ever done.

The Twelve-Step Program is based on the original Alcoholics Anonymous program, which was developed by the Oxford Group. The program structure consists of weekly meetings that revolve around teaching an understanding and application of the twelve individual steps. Discussion groups are also utilized in conjunction with the regular twelve step group, to give members opportunities to discuss issues that are preventing them from moving forward with the twelve step process. I have participated in several discussion groups and have made the following observation; it would seem that these sessions are nothing more than merely group venting session for members, since comments or advice from others is strictly prohibited. I have concluded that many of the same members attended these discussion groups week after week and continue to relive the same issue over and over without being armed with the knowledge of how to address or confront it.I believe this causes the individual to get stuck in his or her emotional wounds and contract what I like to call wounditis. Combine this with the disempowerment of labeling someone as an addict and you have a recipe for a self esteem disaster.

This treatment program asks a person to admit that they are powerless over their addiction and to ask God to remove their shortcomings and defects of character, while wallowing in shame and guilt. I don’t believe that God wants us to feel powerless. Quite the contrary, God has given us all the power we need to change anything that we desire to. After all, we are made in God’s image.

The root cause of addiction is the need to mask underlying emotional scars caused by family dysfunction and, in many cases these emotional scars will leave most individuals with a very low level of self esteem. Therefore, admitting that you are powerless and full of shortcomings will only deepen the wounds or cause a person to choose a different mask or vehicle.

You know, people that have been habitually using drugs or alcohol are already full of shame and guilt and they certainly don’t need anyone to disempower them even further than they already are. People are not alcoholics or addicts for life, and they are not only one drink or one use away from a relapse. We are all people and we are all souls, which by the way makes us all connected, and it also makes us all children of God. No one is an alcoholic or an addict, and no one should be labeled as such. Addiction is merely a choice not a life long ball and chain that individuals should drag around with them.

One, positive thing about this program is that it does teach the step of a spiritual awakening and leading a life of service to our fellow man, and that is without a doubt what makes it more successful than the other treatment options. However, the twelve step program was founded on Christian principles and is a religious based program by nature, which sometimes causes a skewed perception of spirituality. The definition of spirituality is; related or being joined in spirit. So, spirituality requires the personal connection or joining with God. This can only be accomplished by achieving a higher state of consciousness through meditation, self reflection or deep prayer. You can not achieve a joining of spirit with God by becoming consumed by religious doctrines, although this is what happens in many of these programs. Hiding behind a religious doctrine to remove the pain is the equivalent of trading one mask for another and a recipe for chronic relapse. Recovery requires self reflection, spiritual growth and the courage to confront the root cause of ones addiction. Quite frankly, it is impossible to achieve spiritual growth when wallowing in your wounds, sharing that commonality with a group and hiding behind a religious doctrine.

David Roppo

Addiction Recovery Coach

The Best Ways To Quit Smoking

By kicking the habit of smoking, you’d be avoiding ill – effects like cancer, strokes, and olfactory and nervous system damage. There’s so much benefit you could get from quitting smoking. Wouldn’t you feel happier and healthier? Plus the health of the people around you wouldn’t be put at risk. But you might be wondering how to quit smoking? As the old adage goes, “Old habits die hard”, so like any other addiction or habit, kicking the habit of lighting up every now and then isn’t easy. We try various flimsy excuses like procrastination, and we say we’re waiting for the Perfect Situation to quit smoking, we even go so far as to say the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak – the wide range of excuses smokers use is indeed impressive, but we should all quit sooner or later – to lead a better life, and what better time than now?

The first thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules. There’s no specific formula. There’s no wonder drug. There’s no miraculous treatment you can take to quit smoking. It’s all up to you, at the end of the day, YOU need to have the determination, YOU need to make the solid effort, and YOU need to keep your eye on the goal at all times. We suggest you chalk out a plan for yourself, set short term as well as long term goals, to quit smoking – and constantly refer to the benefits of being nicotine-free. Gather up your strength to deal with mood swings and other kinds of withdrawal symptoms – chances are you’ll be cranky and irritated, you might even lose your patience and drive to quit smoking – so ask your friends and family members to stay supportive.

Stay away from the temptation of lighting up. Avoid bars that have smoking sections, always choose to sit in the non-smoking area of restaurants – these are just a couple of examples. Keep yourself busy with other activities like working, doing chores around the house, and remember to take lots of exercise. The main thing is to distract yourself from the urge to smoke. A good thing you could do to motivate yourself is to count the money you’ll save by not buying cigarettes. Estimate the money you could save up. Try to hang around with non-smokers, not only will they give you moral support and help you quit smoking, but it’s also healthier! They can give you tips and suggestions, and walk with you on your road to recovery.

Quitting smoking is a process that you can’t achieve in just in a second. Keep up your dedication, self-will, and self-control. Don’t be negative, and remember to give yourself rewards for small efforts. Keep a good diet, keep drinking water to replenish your system. Avoid stresses, which will trigger your urge to smoke. Deal with any cravings by taking your mind off them. Keep yourself busy with some other activity, do something constructive.

Lots of people will be willing to help you. There are many people who will help you quit smoking. People who have quit smoking are very willing to help others kick the habit too. Joint efforts and therapy in support groups are highly beneficial.