Quit Smoking Cigarettes Today

Every heavy smoker wishes to quit smoking cigarettes especially when smoke terribly affects their health. Recent researches show that cigarette smoking the only high risk factor for several illnesses and one solid factor of premature deaths in the United States and not only, but worldwide. Stopping smoking cold turkey isn’t easy, however there are several smoking aids that are designated to help.

It is only after 15 years after smokers quit smoking cigarettes when the risk of a coronary related disease or respiratory illness is completely reduced to the levels of a person who has never smoked. Therefore quitting smoking is effective in decreasing the high risk of developing a serious tobacco related illness.

The risk of having a heart attack decreases to the normal levels, similar to those that have never smoked within two years after stopping smoking. Several stop smoking aids can be used in order to succeed and quit smoking cigarettes once and for all. You may already know that pharmacological products have a very low effectiveness, and this is the main reason a behavioral therapy should be approached, especially when people don’t have the motivation to quit.

A popular form of behavioral therapy is NLP or Hypnotherapy. The single reason hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) are so successful is because they actually help the mind and the smoker to learn how to quit smoking.

If you’re going to succeed and quit smoking cigarettes you’ll immediately notice a positive impact on your health; Here’s an example: a 28 year old women that will quit smoking has the chance to increase her life expectancy by 3.1 years. However, the power of will that you need to have is important but it’s not the only key ingredient that you need. Here’s where stop smoking aids are important, and I’d recommend hypnotherapy and NLP.

Willpower and Confidence are the two key factors when you want to stop smoking.

Confidence and Willpower are the two main key factors when you finally decide to quit. You have already won half of the battle if you can trust yourself. Try to meditate upon those days you were a non-smoker, how were they? Think about the benefits after you eliminate this deadly habit out of your life, and trust me you can stop smoking today! Just keep one thing in mind and try to make a promise to yourself to quit for only one solid reason: Quitting smoking cigarettes will increase you life span, you’ll feel a lot healthier, you’ll be able to enjoy your life. I hope you can make a promise.

Benefits of quitting smoking:

In just about 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to their normal levels. Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in blood reduce by half and your oxygen levels return to normal. In 24 hours carbon monoxide will be eliminated from the body. In 48 hours your taste and smell is greatly improved. In 72 hours you’ll be able to breathe a lot easier. In 2 weeks your blood circulation improves. After 5 – 9 months you’ll notice you aren’t coughing, wheezing and spitting anymore. 5 years later the risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker and after 10 years the risk of lung cancer falls to about half that of a smoker. These are just some of your benefits if you’re going to quit smoking cigarettes for ever.

Meanwhile think about your family and how they’re affected. Smoking is a costly affair, take a minute to think about how much money you would be saving if you quit smoking today.

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