Quit smoking with use of a vaporizor

Vaporizor offer an alternative to inhaling noxious smoke from herbs or tobacco, you can extract the essential ingredients without emitting harmful smoke. Premium vaporizor is also available in the market, using which tar along with carbon monoxide and carcinogens present in smoke can be easily eliminated and prevent damage to lungs.

Complete range of vaporizors is available in the market:

–vapir one 5.0 is available at price of 149$.
–volcano vaporizor costs around 539$.
–vapor cannon vaporizor is of about 159$.
–hotbox vaporizor costs around 149$.

Vaporizor can be predicted as a perfect solution to quit smoking. It still consists of all the active chemical ingredients out of herbs but without the harmful smoke. It is a simple machine, suitable for home use at different geographical location.

All you have to do is to just chop your herb or tobacco. Then place them onto the thermo engineered bowl, where it will be gently heated until the resins inside the herbs actually get hot enough to get vaporized. The small resins of plants actually consist of chemicals within it which vaporize out into a thin mist which is meant to be inhaled.

Thin mist of vapor is gathered inside a clear glass dome and is ready to be inhaled through the long tube according to its need. Once the herbs are being fully vaporized, we will be left with the brown remains of the plant material with all the good content vaporized out.

It takes about 6 minutes to reach a desired vaporization temperature to begin the process of inhaling. We must start inhaling the content as soon as the herb starts to vaporize, in order to avoid vapor to condense on the top of the globe. The highest temperature of vaporizor is approximately around 200 degree Celsius.

It is very important to leave the vaporizor at on status without any herbs in it, when using it for the first time. In order to void grime get dispersed into the air, clear glass dome must not be inserted before this. Vapors emitted from it must not be inhaled as they are simply grime generated during the manufacturing process. Once completed with use wipe off the residue with cloth.

Do not touch the heating elements as it gets extremely hot.

You can switch on the vaporizor by turning its black knob in clockwise direction. You will feel a small click when a vaporizor is turned on. At the top of the yellow shaft, under the rubber mould. A red light will appear. Turn the knob in clockwise direction s far as you can move it. Extreme point will be the point with highest temperature of about 300 degree Celsius, and to decrease the temperature turn it in anticlockwise direction. And turn it in the anticlockwise direction to reduce the temperature, minimum temperature for a vaporizor before the off position is generally 110 degree Celsius. Turn it in anti clockwise direction extreme then the red light will turn off. As you turn the vaporizor from minimum to maximum you will see the red light on the vaporizor become brighter.

In order to get most out of your herbs cut your herb up so it is quite fine. Place the herbs evenly over the hot plate. Set your vaporizor to the desired temperature. When a certain fine mist appears at the top of the clear glass dome, its time to start inhaling.

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