Champix – The Best Smoking Cessation Drug

Champix is an outstanding smoking cessation medication, successful in helping millions of smokers quit smoking for life. The wonderful medication has been developed by Pfizer pharmaceuticals – the makers of anti-impotence blockbuster drug Viagra and cholesterol treatment drug Lipitor. Champix offers two most fundamental features that are desired to make a smoker quit for life.
• It fights painful nicotine withdrawal symptoms that often scare away people from quitting.
• It makes smoking less pleasurable for you, so that you are not even tempted to light up again.

What is Champix?

Champix is a nicotine-free product that was approved for use as a prescription only smoking cessation drug by US FDA in 2006. The active ingredient in Champix is Varenicline. Pfizer markets Varenicline as Chantix in the US and as Champix in the UK and other European countries.

Champix Varenicline works by binding itself to nicotine receptors in the brain. This mechanism dupes the brain into thinking that it has received its dose of nicotine and the person does not experience withdrawal symptoms. At the same time, Champix prevents nicotine from binding to its receptors. This means that even if you smoke during the course of Champix treatment you will not experience the same pleasure. You would therefore not feel the same psychological urge to smoke again. This dual-action is unique to Champix and this is why it is currently the most effective and most successful smoking cessation medication.

In numerous clinical trials, Champix was rated better than the other available stop smoking solutions. Smokers were found to be twice as likely to quit with Champix than its competitors drug Zyban (Bupropion) from UK’s GlaxoSmithKline, and four times more likely to do so than if they were on a placebo. Further, trial results of more than 2,000 treated smokers found 22.5 per cent who used Champix were smoke-free over a year from the start of treatment. This compared with 15.7 per cent on Zyban and 9.4 per cent on placebo.

Champix works best when used in conjunction with medical counseling for stop smoking and support for friends and family.

Precautions needed before you buy Champix

To ensure best results of Champix and to avoid any untoward side effects Champix should be used with caution. Listed below are precautions needed before you buy Champix:
• Champix is a prescription only drug hence you must never use it without consulting a doctor (either face-to-face or online).
• Patients suffering with kidney conditions must remain cautious.
• Sufferers of epilepsy, or patients with a history of seizures, mental illness such as depression.
• Champix is not to be used by pregnant women or people below 18 years of age.
• Always buy Champix tablets in the dosage prescribed by your doctor.
• Inform the doctor if any of the Champix side effects become to affect your every day living.

Availability of Champix

Champix is a popular drug and can be availed from your nearest pharmacy after getting a prescription from doctor. But this is a traditional method that consumes lot of time, money and energy. A convenient and popular method of availing Champix is to buy it online from a genuine Champix online clinic.

All you would be required to do is to submit your health details in an online form which will be reviewed by a specialist doctor. If the doctor finds Champix suitable in your case, you will receive your prescription over email for free. Following this you may order Champix online. Your Champix pill will reach your address safely in a discreet packet.

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