What is an E-Cigarette?

It was in 2004 when electronic or e-cigarettes became known in Asia and Europe. It became available in the U.S. market and accepted by smokers in 2009. This was created by an inventor based in Beijing named Hon Lik. It does not produce smoke as it has no tobacco.

The purpose of e-cigarettes is to provide a safer option to smokers who use traditional tobacco cigarettes. It can be used anywhere because of the absence of smoke.
They have less carcinogens and chemicals and do not encourage secondhand smoke.

This type of cigarette is powered by a battery. This battery is responsible for heating the filter that has nicotine thus the smoker is able to inhale a vapor. Although it can be inhaled, it does not have the chemicals in tobacco that are harmful to the health. There are many flavors to choose from to fill the filter such as original tobacco, mint, wild cherry and vanilla.

There are different types of electronic cigarette. There are those that can be plugged to a USB port of a computer for charging while there are those that have separate chargers. This is now manufactured by various companies.

E-cigarettes have many benefits. One of them is the absence of carcinogens and chemicals that tobaccos have which cause cancer and other health risks. It does not produce odor that can linger in the mouth the way tobacco does. It does not stain teeth as well. Because they can be smoked anywhere, people will not have to worry about smoking in “no smoking” areas.

This type of cigarette also has benefits for those passive smokers. The smoke coming out from this type of cigarette is just a vapor that vanishes immediately into the air thus does not leave any harmful substances and odor. The problem with traditional cigarettes is that the smoke they produce can be inhaled by people around the smoker. This is passive smoking which harms the health of these people even if they do not smoke. With electronic signature, one will not fret about the health of those surrounding him.

This cigarette is also safe to use and keep. It does not need to be burned nor does it leave ashes behind. It does not have real flames but a red light turns on when the smoker puffs. Fires and burns can then be avoided.

E-cigarettes are cheaper than their traditional counterparts because one spends a one time fee for it. Traditional cigarettes will make a smoker spend money everyday to get a stick. In addition, electronic cigarettes do not have tax applied to them. The smoker does not have to buy matches, lighters and lighter fluids because they are not needed by electronic cigarettes. All they need to spend on is the replacement of the cartridge. The cartridge has e-liquid that determines its nicotine content inside. The package would state how much nicotine is contained using numbers. No nicotine is indicated by the number 0, low nicotine by 6mg, medium by 11mg, high by 16mg and extra high for 20mg.

One who cannot stop the habit of smoking but would like to have a healthier life should go for e-cigarettes.

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