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First Haute couture Electronic Cig Designed for Women – Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture, from V2 Cigs, is a high-fashion electronic cig made just for women. Roughly 65 percent of electronic cigarette users are female. This makes sense, taking into consideration the many benefits over typical cigs. The days of hacking up a lung are long gone as are the stinky clothes, stained skin and yellow teeth!

Females comprehend this. From the time e-smoking was first introduced, girls have actually been much quicker to put down their pack of cigarettes and try an e-cig than their male equivalents. To honor these women and their good and healthy and balanced selection, a revised e-cigarette will definitely be introduced in July 2012. “Vapor Couture” is the brand-new item from leading e-cigarette maker V2 Cigs. It is being tailored entirely towards women and is getting some significant buzz within the e-cig community.

The enjoyment with Vapor Couture. Before getting into the details of Vapor Couture, lets take a peep into the new excitement around it. There is consistently a wave of exhilaration among the e-cig community and e-cig blog writers with a renown business like V2 releasing a brand-new product that, none has ever before seen it in the past. Vapor Couture is a new segment of e-cigarettes that targets ladies.

If you observe the present commodity market, many electronic cigarettes look the same when compared with the others. This leaves for considerable room for enhancement in style and personalization, which is exactly what V2 Cigs is planning to achieve with Vapor Couture. This line of e-cigarettes by V2 will provide the high quality e-cigarettes a new sleek improved feel. The following with far better show how V2 is organizing to achieve this.

The Groundbreaking Vapor Couture Look. The most vital aspect of the Vapor Couture line’s design is the slim design. The diameter of these e-cigarettes is a miniature 7.9 mm. This is much slimmer than basically every other electronic cig on the marketplace. However it isn’t really just your basic e-cig made slimmer, the battery is extended out to produce a beautiful, elegant look. Envision how refined ladies look in those old images where they are daintily holding a tobacco cig in a classy long cig owner – the traditional “ladies smoking” picture.

The v21st century model of the cigarette is the Vapor Couture e-cigarette. Today, it is far more okay and even thought of sexier for a woman to be holding a stylish e-cig instead of a normal cigarette that smells, creates your lungs to be influenced and your teeth to come to be yellow to state the least. With the arrival of the sleek Vapor Couture e-cigarette, women are now delighted to be having a healthier and sexier choice instead of smoking a normal cigarette that spoils the wellness and also atmosphere.

A Colour for each Wardrobe – Not just are Vapor Couture products slimmer than any other e-cigarette, they additionally offer 4 stunning colors. With the possibility to choose between black, chrome, brown and diamond-studded, the e-smoking experience has actually merely gotten a lot more multicolored. Gone are the days of the uninteresting old white electronic cigs, Vapor Couture tosses a palette of colour into a typically bland e-cig color choice. No matter what clothing you’re planning to wear, Vapor Couture has an e-cigarette color scheme that will match it. When you combine the slimness of the e-cig with any of these color schemes, it results in a truly sophisticated electronic cigarette that many women will definitely enjoy to use and flaunt.

Cute Bejeweled Bottom – The sleekness and the options with colour makes it look hot and the V2 Cigs made it also look hotter with the fabulous diamond LED tip. The wave of pleasure among the individuals on the release of Vapor Couture is brought about by the bejeweled bottom. The normal electronic cigarettes on inhaling is illuminated to a dull orange, however the buzzing revised LED techniques are illuminated in bright fancy color schemes when puffed on.

One of the significant difficulties in marketing electronic cigarettes is that while clients choose matching shades for the flavor cartridge and electronic battery, most E-cigarette makers do not comply with this. When your order arrives, often you will definitely identify battery in a different color and the flavor container either black or white mismatching with the battery. V2Cigs is careful in meeting this stipulation and guarantees that their reputed vapor Couture line of E-cigs. When order is put you can choose the favored battery color and the cartridge colour is instantly matched with that of your battery. Thus there is no scope for any type of mismatched set of battery and cartridge when you order from V2 Cigs, that take pride in their heritage of supplying a streamlined and wonderfully matched E-cig, to total admiration by your peer group.

To get to the features of Vapor Couture that are more than the look and feel of the e cigs, we need to discuss flavor containers and accessories. There is a whole brand-new line of tastes to go with the new cigs from V2. There are also many beautiful accessories to go with them and to go with the design of the fashionista who utilizes them.

Vapo Couture now has taste containers! V2 Cigs has created even more tastes to guarantee women an extraordinary alternative to all of the additional e-cigarettes out there by developing 5 even more tastes for it! The five flavors are the rich Bombshell, the moderate Rodeo Drive, the winter-fresh Arctic Mint, and 2 fruit flavors: Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne. These tastes are incredibly tasty, especially the fruit tastes! V2’s tobacco tastes are both tasty and what you’ve pertained to expect, and the cartridges can be found in shades that match your battery!

The Vapor Couture accessories preview: getting some really good accessories to choose electronic cigarettes for some nice treats for females. Based on the pictures released up until now it looks like there will definitely be a black clutch design carrying case that matches preferred bag fashions, which you can easily utilize to hold your e-cig and bring a womanly touch. When the Vapor Couture goes public on July 1 2012 there should be more accessories released too; bookmark the site for even more news on Vapor Couture and discount coupons to find some fantastic rebates!

This item stems from V2 Cigs, and of course, we have actually currently looked at V2 Cig’s Vapor Couture design, which is absolutely great. Now let’s take a look at the performance and modern technology behind this stunning and impressive item. There are no worries about V2 Cigs Couture’s performance since it’s most definitely the very best thing V2 Cigs has come out with to date. V2 Cigs outperform all others in every way from vapor manufacturing to look due to the fact that they are simply the best thing going. There’s no question about that. Vapor Couture continues this heritage, and that’s what makes it an exciting and excitedly awaited addition to the e cig globe.

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