Penis Extender tips and what You need to know

If you’re new to penis extenders, here are some tips that will help you choose one that’s right for you, and then maximize the safety and effectiveness while using it.

Tips for Choosing a Penis Extender

When choosing a penis extender, be sure to note the following:

-Choose one that has spring-loaded tension screws for precise traction. Your penis will grow a tiny bit at a time, so you’ll need a way to make the extender just a little bit longer every once in a while. Lengthening rods will add larger increments to the extender’s length, but you’ll need tension screws for minute increments.

-Choose the comfort strap design over the noose design. Not only is the comfort strap more comfortable, but it eliminates the slippage issue where the penis slips out of the noose during use. Also, the comfort strap design will enable you to wear the extender for longer periods of time without cutting off the blood flow to your penis, which will result in more gains in the long run.

Tips for Using the Penis Extender

When you first start using the penis extender, you’ll need to let your penis adjust to the stretching by gradually increasing the time you wear it. This is called the break-in period. After the break-in period, you should aim to stretch your penis gradually towards BPEL and ultimately stretch past that to get permanent size gains. The abbreviation “BPEL” is short for “Bone Pressed Erect Length”, which is the length measured from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis while it’s in the erect state. While gradually stretching towards BPEL, don’t rush your progress by over stretching your penis.

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