Losing Weight with a Doctor’s Help

When I first moved to the Bay area, I was not too concerned about finding a doctor or dentist until I got settled in. Once I was, finding the dentist I wanted was easy enough because there was one on the same block as me. However, finding a doctor proved to be more time consuming and interesting for me. A new friend at work was telling me about different doctors, and she mentioned that a Bay area medical weight loss doctor that helped her sister lose over 100 pounds a few years back.

When I asked if her sister has kept the weight off, she showed me pictures. I could hardly believe that she had once weighed even more than me. After seeing the pictures, I knew that I wanted to see the same doctor, especially since he would be able to help me with any other issues as well in addition to my weight problem. The first time I met him, I felt very comfortable. He did some measurements on me as well as a bit of testing and determined that I would be a good candidate for a medical weight loss program.

I had already read abut the way the program works, but he went over more options with me. He told me it was not going to be a walk in the park, but I already knew that from previous weight loss attempts. The difference with this one though was not only the support but also I did not feel hungry. The plan made sure that I had everything I needed as far as nutrition goes, and I did not have the cravings for my sweets like I always did before. It was hard, but I love how I look and feel now. I hope that I never have to have another doctor!

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