More Cannabis for My Grandpa

My grandfather uses medical cannabis in Ontario because he has health probkems. His doctor recommended that he use cannabis as a form of treatment becaise it was a popular treatment that didn’t carry many of the side effects that other treatmants had. He always has a relaxed look on his face whenever he uses the cannabis. Recently he wanted to find a more affordable supplier for his cannabis and asked me to help him. I did some searching and found a site that offers competitve prices for cannabis.

When my grandfather’s next shipment of cannabis came, he offered to let me try some of it, but I decldined. I don’t really have anything against anyone using cannabis, but I don’t really want to try it myself. My grandfather was fine with this. Once again, he had the same relaxed look on his face. The cananbis that he ordered was the same quality as the one from his preivous source, so he was getting the same level of treatment.

I’m not sure why cannabis hasn’t been made available for everyone to use a form of treatment for many illnesses. There are a lot of things that could probably be taken care of by simply using some cannabis, but I think many politicians are against using it because they think it will have negative effects on those who use it, and thus all of society. I think people should be able to make a choice of whether or not they want to use it. At the very least, everyone can access it, and then if they think it’s not for them, then they can just ignore it. I’ve ignored it, even though I’ve been curious about trying it sometimes. Maybe in the future, people will come around and be moer open minded about it.

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