Started to Get in Real Good Shape

I started out on this project over the Winter, because I wanted to avoid getting out of shape like I did last time. It was really nasty and cold last year, so I was stuck in the house for the entire season and I did not do much to get in shape. By the time that Spring rolled around I was probably about 10 or 15 pounds heavier than I needed to be and it took me months to work it off. I have been doing the whole routine this Winter, from organic vitamin supplements and protein shakes to the real burn on the work outs. Of course I cleaned out a space in my spare room and I turned it in to a little gym. It is not that big, but there is enough room for a treadmill and a rowing machine. The treadmill is enormous, but the rowing machine actually hangs on the wall when it is not in use.

In fact when I was in high school I owned a little car that I could have parked in the same footprint as this treadmill. The thing is enormous and it takes up the entire center of the room. I got it for almost free for this reason. The guy who had it before me was forced to sell it because he was not using it enough to justify the room that it was taking up. I was thinking about just getting a jump rope before that, but then I realized that my ceiling is not high enough for that. In fact you can not really jump rope in a normal sized room very easily. It just does not work that well. I hung up a little TV in front of the machines and I watch my shows while I am working out.

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